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Having problems with your PC? If so, you have come to the right place. Let us tell you what we would do for S$120.00 (wGST$128.40) per desktop PC. This is for carry-in cases only.

  • Check and let you know what is making your desktop PC sick.
  • Check and remove spyware/adware from your PC.
  • Check and remove viruses from your PC, without reformatting the HDD.
  • Check and repair HDD errors.
  • Clear redundant cache and perform HDD defragmentation.
  • Analyse, repair and compact your system registry.
  • Check and ensure that the PC BIOS is reasonably configured.
  • Will do a BIOS update, if there is a BIOS bug.
  • Check and review your system startup for efficient memory usage.
  • Perform Windows security patches and updates.
  • Download and install relevant Windows application software.
  • Update commonly-used licensed programs to their latest version, e.g. Nero Ahead, Windows Media Players, Adobe Readers, if they were already installed in your PC.
  • With your permission, we can install a 30-days TRIAL Anti-Virus software on your PC. Or if you are a home user, we can install a license Anti-Virus as well. Currently, we recommend AVG anti-virus software.
  • At the same time, we will clear up dusts from your PC's interior & ventilation fan system.
  • Check if your PC's components are sufficiently cooled.

What about parts? If a replacement part is required, you may pass your new part to us for integration into the PC, or use ours. Either way, you benefit!

All you need to do is bring your desktop (minus the monitor, keyboard and mouse) to our office!

If you need us to pick the desktop from your office or home, just give us a call. Transportation charges is S$40 (before GST). Please have it ready for our delivery guy to pick it up. We will send the unit back to you once it is done!

Where a hard disk needs to be re-formatted and Windows OS re-installed, an additional charge of $40.00 applies. This is for the re-installation of a licensed OS (which you already have on hand).

If you need onsite support, our basic onsite rates are:

Daily Onsite Rates
$450.00 for half-day of 4 hours
$750.00 for whole-day of 4+1+4 hours

Hourly Onsite Rates:
$250.00 for 1st hr
$90.00 for sub. hrs.

Prices quote are before GST.

Give us a try! You have nothing to lose. Whether you have an IT department or not does not matter with us as all our tasks will be documented in a convenient format.

If you are a hardware support firm and need a Windows-based systems company to support you, just bring your client's PC to us. Let us clean them up and pass them back to you. This way, you will be able to provide a complete package to your existing clients.