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A picture conveys truth much better than just telling others that we did this and done that. So, hope you do get a feel of some of the installations we performed. They are not necessarily CCTV per se. Maybe something else. But, they are all serious work taken during the course of our project stages. Certain images have been slightly cropped to avoid identifications.

All the images have been mixed around so they are not in sequences. They are also not "staged" images. That's the best size that we can put it up, for obvious reasons.

Whatever, enjoy and have fun browsing through. More would be posted once the images are deemed to be safe to upload here.

Many tools are used to verify that equipment installed are tested even before they are connected to the main system. Cables have to be verified that they are crimped properly and passed at least basic transmission tests.

Labeling of equipment and cables are another important aspect of our installers' job. When done properly, future maintenance work (mainly troubleshooting) would be made easier.

Some of the images showed jobs which were completed. Some showed work-in-progress. Some, obviously were still in raw-form when the photos were taken! Let's see what else we have in our archive!